Expert in Airport Planning

REF. SF9258

INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY | Production, Operations and R&D

Engineering company operating on the international level.

- Support for the planning of airport systems.
- Planning studies of the airport system.
- Preparation of airport management plans.
- Elaboration of functional studies of terminal buildings.
- Capacity studies of airspace, flight field and terminal buildings.
- Passenger and aircraft traffic.
- Modeling of terminals and platform ARC Port.
- Transport network planning.
- Levels of service quality.

Experience in the elaboration of Master Plans, aeronautical servitude and other works related to airport planning. Necessary capacity for realization and critical review of master plans / master plans of airports at national and international level; ability to analyze and perform studies of airspace capacity, flight field and terminal buildings, ability to critically analyze the prognosis of passenger and aircraft traffic, and ability to perform functional studies of terminal buildings. Knowledge of simulation tools.

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