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junior recruiter

Junior Recruiter

"Learn the best version of recruitment from day one"

As part of our Global Operations Platform, you're charged with finding the most interesting candidates using the most advanced e-sourcing techniques and advanced artificial intelligence tools. Furthermore, you will be a part of your innovation hub, focused on constantly identifying global and local recruitment sources by position, function, industry and market. Your will also be responsible for guiding candidates through our hiring process and drawing insights from analytics to make our hiring process smarter and more efficient. Keep partners apprised of and involved in status to project leads and team members, coordinating work cross-functionally and influencing peers, managers or Business Entrepreneurs.


Recruitment Entrepreneur

"Make your business your own. You are more powerful than you think"

Catenon is developing its new international expansion policy based on its own License model. This is a new line of international expansion based on the licensing of professionals who want to be independent entrepreneurs operating under the Catenon brand. We are looking for professionals with more than 10 years experience in the recruiting industry. They should possess entrepreneurial spirit, the knowledge and ability to work in key markets, sectors, and positions, they should have an international outlook, and want to utilise a business model that will bring that future to today.

About the Licences Program

Operations Licencee

"Anytime you want, from anywhere"

There are many professionals in recruiting who are looking for a different working style, and are aware of a new opportunity in the market. If you are looking for a flexible way to work with us, Catenon is offering you the chance to work with the most important companies, and develop global projects in more than 100 countries, from anywhere in the world, and choosing your own hours, so as to obtain the perfect convergence with your personal life. With web2 technology at your disposal, based on knowledge architecture, you will carry out operations in a homogenous way and of the highest quality. based on knowledge architecture, you will carry out operations in a homogenous way and of the highest quality.

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